On October 19th, I had one of the most inspiring experiences, to participate in Converge 2017. I was the winner of “A Glober to Converge” challenge, an open competition organized by Globant amongst its employees that gave me the chance to travel from Argentina to United States to attend this conference where I was going to meet thought leaders of the industry and Aiva creators (deep learning algorithm applied to music composition).

When I heard of the Globant ConVerge event, diversity was the first word that came to mind. Diversity provides us with perspectives, needs, thoughts, experiences, and so much more that drive us to unlock our minds to innovation.

If we are looking forward to make a difference, this is the work philosophy to follow to disrupt the market. Providing revolutionized solutions will lead our customers in a challenging way to continuous improvement and most importantly, will make them stay relevant.

Why is staying relevant so challenging nowadays?

Personally, I think it is all about the customer’s expectations. This may sound simple.  As customers, in today’s age, we are more demanding than in past times. We are more aware of what we are consuming due to the fascinating exchange of data that the digital market is delivering to all of us.

So, this drives me to the following question… what makes a product/service the best one for me? For you? For each of us?

Even as customers we are all different, but I can assure one thing, we all expect the product/service we acquire, to change our reality. In other words, we expect the product/service to improve our journey so that we are able to invest our  time  and efforts in other activities.

This leads us to the path where unexpected, unique, personal driven solutions take place, to create unforgettable experiences. . At the end of the day, that is the only thing that counts, to be able to provide quality of life.

We are talking about products and services made for our DNAs, that are aligned with our habits, our feelings, our needs, that can adapt to us and that are able to deliver real time connections. Customization is value, it is what will make the inflection point in the market.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key factor if we want to achieve all that is described above.

We need a helper, a creator, a learner and a teacher, and AI is the combination of all of those attributes. AI will help us build augmented intelligence.

Globant created this unforgettable experience that planted a seed in all participants, to keep them thinking on what their brand voice will be to amaze their customer.

What this event did was to make  us think in the future we want to build, which is the basis of everything. Without thinking we are not humans, without thinking AI wouldn’t be possible.

This is not where it ends. Once you have an experience that blows up your mind, you want to have more. Great experiences make you feel empowered and motivated, and that is what we should build for our customers.

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