During 2016, Globant’s CSR team in India started the implementation of community relationship projects, in Pune and Bangalore, with different groups of volunteers that worked on children’s welfare and sustainable technology for livelihood initiatives.

Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram tribal student shelter

In  collaboration with a non profit organization called “Being Volunteer”, these teams reached out to a student community – three hours by car from our offices in Pune. They recorded their needs and developed a series of programs  aiming to improve the standard of living of the students staying in a place called Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram (a tribal student shelter).

As part of the activities, CSR teams gave them materials needed to do school work and arranged a series of basic trainings/awareness sessions on hygiene, social skills development and various other skill set programs. After that, the volunteers connected with them regularly via Skype in order to stay in touch and not to lose contact.They invited students from the shelter to our Pune office for Christmas celebrations and visited the shelter to organize a Sports Day.  They also appointed two teachers to guide them in their academic needs. 

With this projects, we have made a significant change and improvement in these children’s standard of living, awareness, confidence and academic performance. We have trained and developed around 40 volunteers from Globant. The volunteers  are extremely excited to be part of this worthwhile program and are empowered to  carry on  the activities in future. We plan to continue this project throughout  2017.

A Solar Village in the middle of the jungle

Another project which we are executing is a Solar Village, which is  located in  a place called Doyapada – five hour drive from Pune.  We are setting up a 15 KW Solar power plant to give energy to a Community Processing Unit. This is aimed to give the villagers sustainable livelihood in their ecosystem and power streets with this same energy.

The Solar Village project is going to benefit the entire village, approximately 500 residents.  It will generate (self) employment through entrepreneurship for at least 50-60 young residents of the village. This is a pilot program that may be replicated or modeled in other villages. This would be truly a Globant Branded Village.

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