Globant announced today the acquisition of Brazilian IT company TerraForum (, which reinforces Globant´s expertise in innovation, and allows the company to expand its global presence opening the door to the Brazilian market for Globant.

With this acquisition, Globant adds deep expertise in innovation leveraging TerraForum experience, customer portfolio and qualified team in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Belo Horizonte.  Together with TerraForum, the company will start to provide services to local companies, taking advantage of growth opportunities in one of the largest markets in the world.

“We are really excited about TerraForum´s acquisition, since it shows our commitment to our global vision and also opens the door to a huge market that was still unexplored by us. In Brazil we will be able to offer our services together with the prestigious TerraForum´s team, building software products that are innovative and appealing for global audiences. The acquisition will bring more opportunities for our Globers, our company and our clients”, commented Martin Migoya, Globant CEO & Co-founder. He added: “Since we founded Globant, we have sought to create an organization that challenges the status quo, offering a new vision of how technology is conceived. With this acquisition, not only will we be creating more job opportunities for technology professionals, but we will also be moving forward towards our goal of building a multinational company, opening and conquering markets all over the world”.

“We are excited to join the Globant team, where we will find plenty of challenges and new opportunities with companies like EA, LinkedIn and Google. We will also be able to provide more and better services for our customers, thus realizing the full potential of our combined efforts to produce outstanding experiences for larger audiences”, stated José Claudio Terra, Terra Forum Founder and Globant Terra Forum Brazil Executive Director.

TerraForum was founded in 2002 by José Claudio Terra, a well-known specialist in innovation, author of several books and articles around the topic. Nowadays, the organization has a wide range of clients in Brazil, including companies like HSBC, Petrobras, Unilever, Vale and Pernod-Ricard. TerraForum´s business objectives and portfolio of services –which includes Innovation and Knowledge Management Consulting, Digital Marketing & Social Media and Software Development– are aligned with Globant´s specialization in new and emerging technologies, and both companies bring together engineering, design and innovation to create software products for global audiences. TerraForum´s more than 65 employees will join Globant´s team, working from TerraForum’s development centers in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Belo Horizonte.

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