The initiative Globant Escape Game combines online challenges with an in-person visit to our offices. During the visit participants will have to compete with other teams. The purpose of the game is to resolve the clues of the room and escape in the less time possible to  win a trip to Converge 2018, conference to be held in the United States.

This is the first escape game for techies held in Latin America and was developed by Globant game designers. It is opened to participants in the entire community resident in one of the six Latin American cities chosen for this first edition: Bogota, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Cordoba, Medellin, and Mexico City.

The initial phase runs from November 21st thru 26th, during this time  the participant pairs have to resolve three different online challenges.  After the initial phase is completed, the fastest pairs to solve the challenge in each city – and among other three selected form the rest – will be called to the in-person final in our offices. Once there, they will have less than one hour to solve the challenges that include a basic programming exercise. After solving the challenges, they will be able to escape. Only the pair that escapes in the shortest  time will win the biggest prize: a trip to United States for both to attend Converge 2018, annual event with thought leaders and executives from across the globe organized by Globant.

Globant Escape Game has the objective of promoting a different point of view and of meeting new talent. In addition to taking the IT industry closer to young people.

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*The online challenges were created by Federico Kereku, Big Data Tech Master. The Escape Room was created by two of our Game Design experts: Maximiliano Disipio and Adrian Novell.

Globant Escape Game

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