Meet our Managing Director, Stephanie Trunzo!  


Tell us about you, your family. What are you passionate about? Do you have any hobbies?

I am 100% Italian; so, it makes sense that I love eating, expressive gestures, and I care a lot about relationships (family, friends, colleagues and clients). I have a 10 year old daughter, Adelaide, 3 dogs, and I live on 8 acres in the country. I find as much time as I can for my yoga practice, and I love that I’ve been able to share that by offering yoga in the office several times a week. I am an avid reader, and also an academic. I have studied everything from architecture to cognitive science at Oxford and Carnegie Mellon University, and also teach at several different universities. There are people I have worked with, across companies and in different roles, for more than 15 years. Building teams and lasting relationships is something I cherish.


How did you become part of Globant’s team?

Becoming a part of the broader Globant community, after growing PointSource for 5 years, has been a whirlwind. I met the Globant executive team during an introductory video call a few days before Christmas, while moving my family into our new house. I tooks the call while sitting in an empty closet while the movers were bringing in furniture! Now, 5 months after our acquisition, I am proud to see how integrated our teams are becoming, and how much culture we share.


How have you built your career path so far?

I believe in the saying “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” If you try to be too predictive about your career path, you will be disappointed when things don’t go the way you plan them (the only constant is uncertainty). But, if you don’t look forward at all, you will miss opportunities that appear in the moment. I have built my career path by identifying and preparing myself for the next step, and embracing challenges.


In which aspects of your daily work is that you see Globant’s culture expressed?

I have met so many wonderful people in the last few months, people who have welcomed me and my team with open arms. That welcoming attitude, the attitude to learn and grow as a bigger unified team, is a practical expression of Globant values and an alignment of the values we bring with us from PointSource.


How has your job changed throughout the years after all the technological changes?

Part of what I love about working in this industry is the rapid pace of change. There are always new mediums to explore how we interact, at a business level, and a user level. However, amidst evolving technology landscapes, the things that don’t change are the core principles of curiosity and application. Technology is always a means to achieve goals, but understanding the goals is a human activity.

I studied English Literature and Psychology during my undergrad, and for my final thesis I taught myself HTML and built a website on that content. I worked at IBM for 13 years and led the first corporate Information Architecture team because social content federation was having a major impact on findability; I ran a development intelligence data analytics dashboard because development lifecycles were changing with the adoption of Agile and executive stakeholders could no longer understand the state of the workstreams; my worldwide dev organization driving a platform and open standards body only mattered because of the shift in groundswell open source causing a need for heterogeneous integrations without brittle API architectures causing ongoing unforeseen cost and churn in roadmaps. At PointSource, I helped our clients introduce new interactions with their brands by adding the power of the mobile channel, and then explored how direction, technology, experience and culture are all critical aspect of fuller digital transformation.


What five qualities should a good digital expert have?

  1. Curiosity – Someone who asks questions, explores many angles, genuinely wants to learn.
  2. Fearlessness – Someone willing to try things, and be bold in their experiments.
  3. Organization – Someone who can tame complex data and scenarios into categorized and logical structures.
  4. Cross-discipline Thinking – Someone who has experience across technology, design and business, and understands the power of thinking across domains.
  5. Clear Communication – Someone who takes the qualities of 1-4 and can articulate them in a simple, clear, effective, and compelling way.

What recommendations would you give someone that wants to join your team?

Be funny, be kind, and ask for what you want. Regardless of your background or domain, have an appreciation for the importance of the experience of the user journey and the business success criteria. Don’t take yourself, or anything, too seriously. Have ideas, but also have plans to execute those ideas. Reach for goals, ask for help, and prove commitment through action. And, teach me something. I learn from my team every day.

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