We have three offices strategically located in different geographical areas in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina: Retiro (in the center), San Telmo (to the south) and Nuñez (to the north). Recently, we voted to rename the office located in the south. After all the Globers voted the name that was chosen was South Park, in honor of the television series.

Some highlights about South Park:
– It is the only one of Buenos Aires with an outdoor space.
Located at: Humberto Primo 53.
– It has two floors, and  the rooms are  named  after famous painters.
– On the ground floor we have a giant green submarine:What is inside the giant submarine, you may ask?? A music room, and another room with armchairs to relax.  That room is also used for meetings and brainstorming.
– In addition there is the chill, our dining room that has a ping pong table, two foosball tables and a tv with a Playstation.
– On the first floor we are setting up a recording studio to film trainings videos.
– It has a terrace of 2000 m2, where there is a barbeque grill and a deck for roasting, an organic vegetable garden, a trampoline and a football pitch.
– It has an ATM so the Globers can do their transactions  safely without leaving the building.

Extra data: This office has different benefits: dance classes, hairdresser, manicure, doctor, nutritionist,  and many more self-generated activities by the Globers.

Open Positions: Interested in applying for an opening in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Click here

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