Globant was founded in 2003.  Currently, it has over 35 offices worldwide. One of the offices is located in Santiago de Chile, which  it’s the first office opened in March 2016 and today it continues to grow.

Some highlights about this site:

  • Located at: Cerro el Plomo 5630, Las Condes commune, in one of the most important business neighborhood in Santiago de Chile.
  • It is a multicultural site. There are globers from different parts of the world like  Argentineans, Colombians, Mexicans, Uruguayans, French, Venezuelans, Brazilians and Chileans,  which makes this site very interesting,  rich in culture and different experiences.
  • It is one of the newest offices of Globant, and in only one year, it has doubled its size with more than 100 employees.  
  • In the Chill we enjoy the ping pong table, foosball, Playstation, and a colorful mural representing  the Globant culture in Chile.
  • One particular attribute of this site are the areas for putting puzzles together. This started  as a hobby for  one of the globers, Mariano Nardi,who had been give a gift and brought it to the site to share with the rest of the globers. It has now become  an important contribution to the decoration and identity of the site.
  • It has a music room with guitars, and a keyboard;  It’s an area that gets a lot of  use by the Globant musicians in Chile.
  • It is a site that is characterized by the good vibes of its Globers. We are constantly initiating office integration activities, which make it a super entertaining place to work. This helps generate bonds of friendship among its members, that transcend the scope of work.

Volunteer actions: Time permitting we try to help people who want to help themselves. . In Santiago there is a subsidiary of Laboratoria, where people organize workshops or talks to complement the work with the girls. We always try to lend a hand and participate in the activities which is part of our social responsibility. Click here.

Interesting facts: Like everything in Globant, we defy status quo and Chile was no exception! It is customary for the person from Chile to carry out interviews with suit and tie, thus in this environment the thought of having a ping pong table was something that would not cross their minds. .  As a matter of fact, many people who were originally from this country questioned the incentives had some doubt regarding the benefits granted to the employees. Changing the perception that people have about working in technology field makes the company the exception to the rule in the IT industry, not only from the point of view of employees but also from the point of view of the client.

Have Fun: Globant organizes different initiatives for the end of the year video for the Globers to have fun. We share one of the most famous 2016, end of year party videos with our own Justin Timberlake (Marcos Heredia) doing the famous theme of “Can’t stop the feeling”. The video clip was a success! Watch the video here.

Open Positions: Are you thinking about your next move? Would you like to join an awesome team of leaders? If the answer is “yes” and you would like to apply for a position in Chile, click here.

Collaboration: Carla Castorina & Justo Vargas.

PhotosIvan Olivares

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