The office was inaugurated in March 14, 2011. It is the southernmost office of Argentina and its employees come from Bahía Blanca and from the nearby local towns.  Most Globers are graduates from the National University of the South and the Institute Juan XXIII.

Some highlights about this site:

  • Located at: Drago 45 piso 9.
  • In the Chill you can enjoy a  tennis table , foosball, Playstation and a pool.
  • It has a music room that has guitars and drums, it is an area frequented by the musicians and artists of Globant Bahía.
  • It is a site that is characterized by the good vibes of its Globers, companionship, constant music in the office and shared lunches.
  • In the middle of the office we have the Simpsons bus.  This area has two rooms. One of those rooms is a massage room.
  • During birthday celebrations which are organized after office hours, we give a nice gift.
  • Tradition of the site: Who enters for first time, or celebrates any occasion throughout the year, will bring something to eat next time.

Characteristics of the city:

  • Population of Bahia Blanca: approx 300,000 residents  .
  • Bahía Blanca is usually considered the capital of basketball, since it has exported great players. Among them, Manu Ginobili.

Open Positions: Would you like to apply for one of our positions in Bahía Blanca? Click here

Collaboration: Flor Kohan.

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