Globant acquired US-based Nextive, which brings deep expertise in mobile and social technologies allowing Globant to expand in North America. To face this growth, Globant plans to add more domestic talent.

With this acquisition, Globant expands its presence in the US, widening its expertise in mobile and social technologies and strengthening its position as leader in the creation of innovative software products. Nextive´s US headquarters will allow Globant to strengthen its presence near its customers and propel its growth in North America.

“We are really excited about this deal. We are glad Nextive is joining us because it will allow us to keep growing in the US. Since we founded Globant, we wanted to create a company that brought opportunities for talent worldwide, so with this acquisition, we will be creating job opportunities for US professionals”, commented Martin Migoya, Globant CEO & Co-founder. He added: “For us it´s key to continue working on the specialized expertise we have built with our Studios. Nextive strongly complements our knowledge in mobile innovative solutions, which will benefit our customers.”

“We are excited to join the ever-growing Globant team in the US and Argentina, where we will find plenty of challenges and new opportunities with companies like EA, Linkedin and Google. We will also be able to realize the full potential of our combined efforts to produce outstanding mobile and social experiences for larger audiences”, stated Andrew Burgert, Nextive CEO.

Nextive was Founded in 2008 in San Francisco, California, and has a broad set of clients in the US, including companies like Crowdstar, GSN and Zynga. Nextive´s team will lead Globant´s Mobile Studio, adding new practices and increasing its reach. Nextive´s more than 130 professionals will join Globant´s team, working from their development centers in San Francisco, Buenos Aires and Cordoba.

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