Globant Escape Game

Last Saturday December 2nd, we carried out the in-person final of Globant Escape Game simultaneously in six offices located in different cities of Latin America. Chilean duo Jorge Flores Ivelic and Fernanda Mattar were the winners of this first challenge.

Jorge and Fernanda were the fastest couple to deactivate the bomb in the escape room, winning a trip for each one to attend ConVerge 2018, Globant’s Annual Conference with worldwide thought leaders in the United States.

This first edition finalists were: Giovanny Cardenas and Gerardo Rodriguez Tachack (Bogota), Mariana Psyrdellis and Sergio Agustín De Vita (Buenos Aires), Franco Acosta and Gonzalo Saad (Cordoba, Argentina), Carlos Andrés Arias Londoño and Jhon Bernardo Jimenez Becerra (Medellín), and Ignacio García Martell and Humberto Quintero Limón (Mexico City).

“We had a blast in this escape challenge. Even though we didn’t win, we were very close. It was a unique experience. We are proud to have been representing Colombia for an hour, showing that this is a land of talent, creativity and good vibes.” commented finalist Giovanny Cardenas.

This is the first of the escape games for techies from Latin America, which was developed by Globant’s game designers. The initiative combined online prequalifying challenges and an in-person final in our offices. We look forward to organizing  new editions and to cover the cities we haven’t yet covered.

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