New and current Technical Leaders (TL), and anyone interested in the role, will now have the opportunity to experience a completely new e-Learning program. This program helps learners understand the basics of being a TL; what does Globant expect from the role, and the different areas a TL needs to excel at, in order to become effective, efficient, and drive the team to success.

The Technical Leader’s Maturity Program is an engaging learning experience where TL’s learn about the main responsibilities and activities they need to perform. The learning experience consists of 23 courses, starting with an introductory course. Throughout the program, they will discover and review the expected skills to be able to handle the activities related to the three main areas: technical, operations and management, and team support. These courses include different engaging components that help understand the concepts and allow learners to apply them in real life situations.

The program enables TLs to develop and mature over time. It gives Globant the opportunity and information to identify the maturity level of each TL, and to determine which type of projects they would be ready to lead based on their knowledge and current skills.

Identifying the level of maturity of each TL is key for Globant and the client. It enables Globant to staff projects accordingly and prevent any potential failure; besides the Client has the certainty that the TL leading the team is the perfect fit for the position based on the TLs experience.

This learning experience, provides TLs with the opportunity to grow and develop their skills and to progress throughout their career path.

It has been designed for all TLs:

  • Current TLs need to complete 100% of the program by the end of the year.
  • New and Future TLs will experience the program as part of the onboarding training. This initiative helps them understand what Globant expects from them and understand the TL’s role in a simple and direct way.

The Technical Leader’s Maturity Program starts by assessing each candidate’s level of knowledge in order to identify areas of improvement. Consequently, each TL and Technical Director (TD) or Technical Manager (TM) receives an email with information about the areas of improvement and a suggested action plan.

As previously mentioned, the program includes an introductory course that offers an overview of the role of Technical Leader and the required skills and responsibilities they need to perform that are related to the following areas: technical, operations and management, and team support.

Following the introduction, the 23 courses will be divided in three groups:

  • Soft Skills and Management, TLs will learn how to manage a team, how to build a relationship with a client, how to keep a team motivated, how to become a leader, and how to negotiate.
  • Promote Best Practices, these courses will help learners guide their teams to comply with standards and quality.
  • Globant Processes, these are the final courses where TLs go through the necessary steps that the role requires to follow and comply with.

The different courses of this program help TLs develop their skills and provide them with tools, information, and examples to incorporate in their daily activities. Furthermore, it also helps TLs learn about Globant’s culture in detail.

The TL’s Maturity Program has been one of Globant’s main initiatives. Previously, TL’s learned about the role and how to complete their tasks while on the job. Now, they have a especially designed program that, when completed, gives TLs the tools needed to develop their own path, while learning with their teams in a collaborative manner. This means that TLs do not work and learn on their own: instead, they work together with their TD/ TM along with the Studio Partners (SP) of each Globant Studio.

The objective of the program is that TLs gain the basic and required knowledge along  with the necessary tools for them to develop their own path while learning with their teams. The goal of the program is to offer an even better quality product and service.

At Globant we always encourage our people to grow, and look forward to improving the digital journeys we create.

We invite you to take a look at the initial course: Introduction to the Technical Leader’s Role course. Watch the video to get started.

For further information about Globant’s e-Learning and Video Production practices contact: or


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