By Emiliano Horcada, Director of Globant UX & Social Studio emilorca

In the past, and even to some extent today, there have been misconceptions about design. We sometimes think of design as the result of an aesthetic process, just the embellishment of a product, or some visual reaction to something, and that’s only partly true, but there’s so much more to it. When we at the UX & Social Studio create a product, it’s an iterative process where we look at user behavior, analyzing the way they use the product and the way they feel about the product so that we really understand the context, then design with that knowledge and insight. It’s a different way of working, one where design is an integrated part of the product strategy, rather than being just an afterthought in the process of product development, adding some color or decoration here and there. When you do it that way you find your mistakes afterward.

Our strategy lets us think ahead and create really innovative products that always have the user in mind. I want businesses to understand the huge potential of strategic design to create really innovative, user-friendly products, and we’re working to change design misconceptions by integrating user experience and user behavior into our design strategy. It’s important to understand that design is not only a visual response but also something that aligns with business, technology, and the way we live and interact with each other. I think there’s some major innovation underway in experience design across a wide spectrum of industries. It’s very clear that the entertainment industry is one of the easiest industries to implement this concept. It’s an industry where creativity and innovation have always been highly valued. On the other side of the spectrum, we have the financial industry, which is one we don’t always think of as being really creative, but where we’re seeing amazing results. The past few years I’ve seen the financial industry realizing the value of really understanding consumer behavior in order to provided quality service, so I’ve seen a lot of effort and innovation in that industry as well. I believe that having an innovation service and having a creative service within the company is not something that you just throw around here and there, it’s something that has to be embedded in the culture. I’m pushing for more of our clients to learn that way of working so we can mature together into a model that allows creative, strategic planning and product development. People are sometimes scared of this process because they think it’s too creative and totally abstract. But the truth is more friendly than that; it’s actually a part of the technology process and it really enhances the solutions we can make. I truly believe that being able to partner with our clients, really creating that culture for their audience andcreating a suite of services and products is really the way to go. It allows us to create innovative products that give the user the opportunity to not only consume the content of the product, but experience the content as well.

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