In a technology driven society, public safety is increasingly becoming a tough job as both citizens and criminals have become more  tech savvy. The ‘old-school’ policing model is failing to cope with the current state of crime. The police force of today, is getting digitally re-shaped to tackle the situations in a faster and more effective way. Being digitally enabled not only equips the police force with real time accurate information to be successful on ground, in addition, it  ensures higher level of connectedness with the public.

Globant has been a part of one such successful digital transformation. We developed one of the world’s most digitally-connected platform for Met Police, that offers online access to a full range of police services for the public.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), or the Metropolitan Police, also known  as the Met, is the territorial police force responsible for law enforcement in Greater London.

Using the communications platform, the public can now report any crimes or road traffic incidents among other useful services such as applying for licenses and completing forms.

During the terrorist incidents earlier this year, people were engaged with the platform using Met’s social media content and website to seek immediate information, report issues or express condolences.

In addition to the online services, the launch also includes the creation and maintenance of over 1,200 local area Facebook and Twitter accounts, creating the largest government social media program in the world, in order to get more and more information about the public areas.

Over 1200 police officers were trained on the use of social media for local policing.

The digital platform has generated more traffic to the organization’s website, which  has doubled the total pageviews per annum. For road traffic collision communications, the platform has led to a shift of over 70% of communications to online reporting.

In the coming months, the program  will expand to include live chat and additional services to extend digital connectivity while informing, reassuring and empowering citizens.

The departments now gets twice as many non-emergency calls than emergency calls, so the use of live chat on digital channels can  be another very effective way to improve that engagement.

The digital transformation project is a success not only among the public, but popular within the police force as well. Globant has played a significant role in spreading benefits of public safety and confidence in policing. Check out the website


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