“The change starts with YOU”

The application was developed as part of a project for digital inclusion for people with special needs sponsored by ASDRA (Down Syndrome Association of the Argentine Republic). Its main goal is to develop software applications that allows to integrate mental and conceptual models into learning models in order to encourage the knowledge learning using digital tools.

The use of tablets stimulates spatial building; with this is mind Dibugrama was conceived as an Android app to allow children with special needs to learn in a user friendly way while also developing skills on how to use the device.

The app was developed using JAVA for compatibility with Android tablets. The library used was libgdx, a multi-platform library wich exposes an API that wraps all calls to OpenGL according to the hardware that the game is running on.

What ASDRA proposes is to undertake a revolution in the way to teach people with learning disabilities. We have already started taking the right steps to reach these goals ad Marcelo Varela, ASDRA General Secretary states:

“The change starts with YOU”. But after 2012 I have to rephrase and say, “The change was with YOU” . It is very touching to see these first three apps working, and know that there are 10 more apps to be launched. It’s a bit surreal to see our dream come true. Only a year ago we came to Globant with a far fetched idea and here we are today actually making it happen. All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. This wouldn’t be possible without your support and belief in what we are trying to do. This is the first step to an educational revolution! ”

Download app from Play Store: Dibugrama

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