One of the surprising results of engaging with other brands is that it allows companies to offer and create new, unpredictable, and meaningful perks in order to attract users. It also helps us to not to forget how customized discounts that further enhance brand experience.

According to Globant Sentinel report, Customers can take advantage of customized discounts and fringe benefits offered by joint brands that take care of the moments of in-between moments. In this way, users gets a better overall value-for-money offering linked to a better brand experience.A persuasive UX design can trigger consumers for a trial. By working with others, companies can create love-in value by offering extras to cover and transform low engagement moments, increase cross, and up-sales in order to avoid conversion abandonment.

Companies like Easy Taxi and TAM understand the power of engaging. Since December 2014, the taxi app Easy Taxi, in partnership with airline company TAM, is giving 50% discounts on taxi rides to and from the airport. Users must purchase the ticket at TAM and call to pay the ride with the app. This initiative is said to allow passengers to move more comfortably to the airport without spending a lot. It’s an innovative partnership that provides targeted discounts to its customers.

Brands need to have an eye to identify the opportunities between the lines and extend the convenience beneficial to the users. Technology opens the doorways to build packages that can offer paired services that lengthens the customer stay and usage journey through the offerings increasing brand value, experience, and business altogether.

What if you could uncover the ecosystem’s potholes hidden in your customer’s’ journey in order to decrease the drop offs?

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