Meet Rodrigo Beltracchi, Java Developer – Globant Tandil.

In 2012, we did a TesteAR (the program of employability sponsored by Globant)  in Tandil. It’s been six years since Rodrigo finished TesteAR and four months after joining Globant, Rodrigo graduated with a BA in Systems Engineering. He is Java Jr and works for the Big Data Studio. During his spare time, Rodrigo is a mentor for Plan 111Mil in Tandil, he continuously looks to train more people in IT.

  • Tell us about you, your family, your passions and your hobbies.

I’m 24 years old, I have always lived in Tandil with my family, who supported me all along my career path. I studied Systems Engineering in UNICEN, Tandil. When I was in college I discovered that one of my passions was teaching. I love being around  people that want to learn and like to listen to you. It is something that makes me happy and at the same time helps me grow personally and professionally.

I love dedicating my spare time to friends, from going out to investigating new technologies we can apply to different ideas or projects that we come up with, its awesome.

  • How  did you build your career path at Globant? What did you change along with time to adapt yourself to new projects and roles

Personally, I feel  that my career at Globant begun before than just four  months ago. For me, my career with this company started back in 2011, when I had the opportunity to take the course TesteAR. It was there when my interest in systems arose and  after that course I decided to pursue a career in Systems Engineering.

Though I started working at the university giving classes while I studied, Globant always demonstrated that the doors were open to start working for them. They always took me into consideration  to become part of their team.

Once I started at  Globant I went through two different teams. I had to adapt myself to procedures  used and put the theory into practice to be able to work with the rest of the team.   This is really simple when you have teammates as the ones I had, everything that you have to learn and change becomes really fun so it’s one of the most interesting tasks.

  • Which is the biggest challenge or most innovative project that you had to face along with your team?

The biggest challenge I had to face was adapting myself to technologies that are used and the dimension of the project. I saw that at the team level they have  allowed me to attack the challenge in a way that involves all the team members and encourages participation during the process, so we learn how to solve the issue.

  • Which are the five  aspects that you like the most about working at Globant?

Talking from my experience and the time I have been part of the company:

1- Company’s dimension: Quantity of projects and diversity of technologies that the company manages allows each of us to be specialized in what he/she wants to learn and trace a career path in the area.

2- Environment: Pertaining to the team and the office, I can attest that there is  an excellent work environment, where all Globers are willing to help one another and share  information and knowledge. I think this is one of the most important key points Globant has to offer someone who just started working for them.  It isn’t just about coming to work eight hours, it’s coming to work at a company that provides knowledge and fun.

3- Organization: The way in which the teams are built and the constant communication with clients enables us to work in a really efficient way. Work and tasks distribution also help  us to work best as a team, complementing each other and taking advantage of each members’ skills.

4- Opportunities: In my case,  the company gave me the opportunity to continue growing and improving my skills to teach, allowing me to manage my abilities in courses as 111Mil and mentorships at the  school level. Working at Globant has given me access to many courses and trainings to continue learning and continue to develop professionally which is really a great benefit.

5 – Inclusion: Before joining Globant I thought that being the new person in the team was going to be really complicated. I thought  they were going to assume that I knew certain things and that if I did not perform those tasks they would doubt my skills and abilities, once in the team I realized that it was not like that at all. From the very beginning my  teammates considered me as capable as other team members, assigning me tasks with all levels of difficulties and showing their willingness to help me so I could learn.

  • Which three  books would you like to recommend Globers? Why?

More than recommending specific titles I prefer to recommend any type of reading more than books and manuals with themes in  our area. I think that reading books of several genres (personally I love science fiction and mystery) is a great stimuli to our imagination, something that sometimes is really hard to acquire for the logic thinking we developed at the university. Imagination is something that we all need in the systems area, not because we are going to use what we read  in a romance novel or something, but because I believe it is essential to generate ideas and innovative products.

  • Which recommendations would you give to someone that would like to start studying system  engineering?

The first thing that you have to take into account to study systems is that during the first few years it can seem really boring with lots of maths and physics, and that’s something that happens  to all of us. At some point we wonder: when are we going to see more related systems things?” I can assure you that without noticing it, this base that they give us makes us learn to develop and design something really basic and these are topics  that improve our capability of analysis and problem solving n. Also, we have to take into account that the systems world is so big that we could specialize in what we like the most, and nowadays every sector counts with its IT part.

Personally, I have always been attracted to medicine and going through the last years of university I found a lot of projects at school that made contributions to that area.  When the moment came to start my research thesis I applied AI to develop a solution for a group of biologists that would conduct an investigation.

That’s why I recommend to be patient!

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