Globant hosted Converge, our annual gathering for business executives and witnessed an awesome opening with a large  audience, and cool speakers who came  together to make the event a success. Martin Migoya welcomed everyone and reminded the audience that Converge is an event that talks about how to leverage and utilize new emerging technologies. This is what make Converge different than other technology events. Digital journeys have evolved to  capture the essence of a sequence of interactions, which  start way before we need to  interact with a customer.

You can watch the videos on YouTube or read below for more details on each of the panels. They are a great source of content whether you were able to join us and want to relive a great day or to experience these incredible talks.

Transforming Traditional Businesses

The first session was on ‘Transforming Traditional Businesses’ and started with Andres Angelani moderating a discussion between Jayaram Bala Balachander (CTO – K12), Jason Zachariah (Kindred Healthcare – President of Rehab Services), Mark Hedstrom (Founder – Movember Foundation) on how their respective organizations have strategized and utilized digital transformations to deliver new services for their respective customers. 

Sustainability Design Through Technology

The following session was with Dawn Danby, Eve Blossom and  Beau Siel on Sustainability Design Through Technology. They took the discussion  to a different dimension of how businesses can be sustainably designed to improve the environmental and socio-economic conditions while maintaining revenue stream and cost saving. 

Immersive Experiences: Changing (and Extending) the media industry

The session on Immersive Experiences in the Media Industry was one of the best discussions as it opened up a new paradigm. Josh Constine of TechCrunch, Adam Balest of Fandango, Remo Gettini of Dreamworks and Alfonso Amat of Iamat discussed several opportunity areas and ways of application of virtual reality and immersive experiences.

Government as a Service: citizen-centric tech approach

A panel was formed of digital services experts for government including Tom Loosemore from UK Government, Jeremy Goldberg from SF Government and  Chris Averall, Government Consultant, who discussed how government has started  to leverage on digital services to make citizen’s day to day life better by co-creating with startups and touch human lives just like Uber. 

Fireside Chat with Andy Maguire (HSBC)

A one on one chat  with Andy Maguire from HSBC and Martin Migoya revealed how bank services are limited by regulations and less innovation and why digital services have made banking easier for consumers and profitable for banks.

Building a compelling airline digital experience

When Lauren Woods of Southwest Airlines and Ele Senerman of Latam Airlines came together to discuss digital Services in Airlines, they expressed what and how much more can be done in during in-flight experiences and airport walkthroughs to enhance traveler experience, and what is  their strategy on experimenting with digital services. 

Fireside Chat: Transforming Big Data into Personalized Experiences

Marco Bressan of BBVA had an impactful point of view on ‘Transformational Power of Big Data’ where he revealed how big data technology can win over organizational culture and what more can be done in financial services utilizing big data.

Looking forward

Converge added spice to its session by bringing in Miguel Martin of NASA and Alexander Gordon of Airbus together to talk about Emerging Technologies. Both of them explained how they build prototypes to start moving toward the right path to achieve solutions and shared insights on their upcoming projects using emerging technologies.

Before the closing a skit was performed by Beau and Daniel using the lines  that audience picked up from the sessions.  It was really funny to hear the mismatched dialogues drawn together and enacted a scenario of two astronauts fighting in a space shuttle while landing on Mars. Laugh out loud by watching the video here.

The event ended with some witty but humorous banter from Guibert Englebienne. He suggested to stop thinking only about technology but more about human nature, and how to humanize technology by doing simple things.

Look Forward To Our Sentinel Report – Special Converge Edition with key takeaways and technology application examples from each talk.

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