Which is a better Mobile App Strategy ?

Choose ONE- specific to the goals and priorities of your app; but the decisions don’t just end there. Design, development and distribution expertise add killer edge to the success of your mobile app.

While choosing which mobile app to develop we com across so many questions and hurdles such as:

Q. Which App should be used – Native or Web?
Q. Why should Native be chosen over Web or vice versa?
Q. Will my decision make a difference to the design, development and distribution of the App?
Q. How do I get the App Store to approve my App instantaneously?
Q. How do I make my App look appealing to my Target Audience?
Q. Can this App be used on a smart phone as well as a tablet device?
Q. Will the use of sub-standard resources create delivery and performance issues?
Q. Is it worth spending the time and money to make an App with 3 difference source codes for 3 OS’s?

Read the attached white paper for answers to these questions and more insights about a better App Strategy.

White Paper – Mobile App Strategy

“An incorrect decision can completely mar the functionality and future of your App.”

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