Steven P. Jobs put a dent in the universe. Sure, he too stood on the shoulders of giants past, but his dent is unarguably spectacular and perhaps the most successful. For it caused a global culture shift. It let loose mass-access to delightfully useful technology. It edified the world on how to bring products alive.
Now there is no turning back. To succeed, product companies must truly amalgamate technology and design in context of users.

Seven things that bring products alive

While the pace of product innovation and a new technological possibility is just thrilling, it presents a daunting prospect for many product companies – new and old. Now they are somehow expected to magically:

  1. Always put users first
  2. Architect for cross-platform and cross-device use by default
  3. Think systemically about the product
  4. Seamlessly blend engineering and design
  5. Embrace product development best practices
  6. Master persuasive technology design, and
  7. Build a balanced, tightly integrated team

These seven things are hard to master, but now more than ever, near-impossible to ignore. Here they are, up for reflection…

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