BigData on the Media

This section contains relevant third-party articles on BigData. The information contained in these articles may not reflect our opinion nor point of view.

The Age of Big Data

Very interesting post, where the New York Times comments on the opportunities of BigData in several industries and presents some interesting success cases.

Review by Gabriel Praino

The Man Who Knows Everything

[Review pending]

12 Top Big Data Analytics Players

[Review pending]

Big Data: In the world of big data, who are the experts and what are the companies in this space?

[Review pending]

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The White House is Spending Big Money on Big Data

The article describes the White House approach and strategy around Big Data. It includes references to several projects, including the Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, showing the interest of US government to develop Big Data.

It also describes how the investments on R&D and supercomputing promises to transform the usage of BigData for discovery, research, health, education, security and other sectors of public interest.

Even thought it’s not explicitly mentioned (thought there’s a reference to it), the growing interest in Big Data in coincidence with an the election campaigns, it’s a proof of it’s ability/promise to provide valuable very valuable insights.

Review by Gabriel Praino.


Big Data Predictions for 2012

[Review pending]

10 Ways To Complement the Enterprise RDBMS Using Hadoop
[Review pending]

Rise Of The Machines: IP Traffic Set To Quadruple By 2016, Thanks To An Influx Of Devices

The TechCrunch article is based in an analysis by Cisco, where they conclude that both IP traffic and the average broadband speed will quadruple by 2016 (4 years). This growth is driven by the expansion of different devices connected to the web, but mostly for online television.

Review by Gabriel Praino.

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