Within the Big Data ecosystem we find new product alternatives by the end of each working day. Nonetheless one less ventured areas in Big Data, refers to the visualization or reporting tools. Perhaps cause those tools fit better into the Analytic tool ecosystems, or simply because they are not so “geeks” for high-performance tools coders community 🙂

Anyway, those magical applications which turn bored generated numbers by any of the fault-tolerant, high available, scalable, etc… tool, that we already know, into the icing on the cake when we want to put the report on the Financial Manager’s desktop.

Let me bring you here a list with the most interesting Reporting tools which are digging into the Big Data area:

Pentaho: Pentaho provides a web-based interface to access, interactively analyze, and visualize big data and then report and create dashboards. Supports several big data source, including Hadoop, NoSQL and high performance analytic databases. With a simple wizard-based approach, users can instantly turn their data into insight and make information-driven decisions in minutes.

 JasperReports: The well known Jaspersoft team has introduced into the Big Data world. Now, besides the traditional RDBMS connectors they has injected a new software layer which brings to their report generating platform, the capability to grab data from big data storages. At the end of the game you can create nicer reports populated with data from Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4J and VoltDB as main BigDataSources

Datameer Analytics Solution (DAS): They offer a comprehensive solution platform for integrating, analyzing and visualization data from several structured resources like Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, MySQL as well as unstructured resources such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Jive, e-mails, LogFiles, HBase, Cassandra, and others. Also, thanks to their potential WYSIWYG editor tool, the dashboard generation process became an easy task for non programming experts.

Tableau: Yes, another “easy to use” vizualization tool, now they has introduced a Haddop connector into their connectors briefcase, but with the addition of a fast in-memory data engine for speed up the ad hoc visualization process.

Finally, the promising tool is coming

Platfora:  With the headquarters in San Mateo, CA, a $20M startup that wants to unleash the potential of Hadoop goes for its second foundation wire. Similar as Tableau does with their in-memory data engine, Platfora transforms raw data in Hadoop into interactive scale-out in-memory data processing engine.

enjoy it!

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