By Magali Amalia, UX Studio at Globant

A UX design team objective should be to work on solutions that are part of the lives of people, finding a natural place that allow them to be invisible and ubiquitous. Being in the right place at the right time.

Thus, it is essential that, when it comes to designing and building user experiences, we ask ourselves: How do we incorporate naturally in the lives of people? How do we articulate ourselves with each of the moments a person lives? But above all, how we have a key meaning in their lives?

People do not need tools to achieve their goals, they need simply to achieve their goals, fulfill their desires or live an experience. Today, however, products and services that are far from helping them achieve these aims are created, having a leading role in each person’s life, requiring in some way all their attention, time, energy and effort.

These are elements that are part of the human ecosystem with an intrusive nature, which begin to have a negative impact on various aspects of people’s life.

We build components that need to generate relationships with people, and from this relationship experience is nurtured. Understanding this relationship gives us the ability to find the precise moment to bond with people, allowing us to anticipate to their desires and to give the right personality to the product so it becomes naturally part of the environment.

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