I finally ordered my new business cards this week. I ran out of them about a month ago, but I had just too many fun things to do so I did not spend time getting new ones earlier. While ordering them I realized that I should fix my title everywhere, from my email signature to my LinkedIn profile.

I decided it would be good to write this post because I am pretty sure most of my network will read my title and ask themselves what it means. Yes, I am now a Technology Evangelist at Globant. In fact, I have been one officially for the last 6 months.

One of the unexpected perks of being a Tech Evangelist is that I always get to break the ice when I’m in a round of introductions. I had to accept that it is easy to joke about my title. So I say things like “I am the one with the coolest but most suspicious title.”

Breaking the ice is totally worth loosing a little formality. In that moment, I get to explain why Globant needs and even wants to have a group of evangelists around. It tells everyone a lot about the company, I think.

The Common Understanding of an Evangelist

For those of us who have followed Technology Evangelists, calling yourself one is sort of a big statement. I have gotten quite a variety of different reactions from people when they hear it. I will share what I thought myself when I learned about my new assignment.

I have been always a quite concrete guy. That is probably why I never pictured myself in the shoes of an evangelist until a couple of years back. It was a time when I was working to become an expert on HTML5, Backbone, and AngularJs. I was following gurus like Addy Osmani, Brendan Eich, and Douglas Crockford among others.

I saw how cool their job was and I thought I’d like to have a job like that. On the other hand, I thought I would start focusing on technology and that involves work with a whole different set of clients and projects. I am not saying I could have been the next Osmani. I’m simply saying that becoming a Javascript Evangelist would have meant a huge change on my focus.

Time went by and I went from Mobile Tech Lead to Mobile Tech Director and finally to Account Technical Director. Around April, I met Guibert, one of our founders, while he was visiting a client in Chicago. He told me they had created a group of Evangelists within Globant and I was going to be one of them.

I remember one half of me was extremely excited and the other was even more apprehensive. I was the first to think I would be running around with my AngularJs bible trying to convert infidels to my tech. That did not make too much sense for me. However, after I asked a bit more about the role, I figured I was going to keep doing what I had been doing for the last few months.

Globant’s Technology Evangelist

An evangelist at Globant is a technologist who is versed in a wide set of practices. We understands the capabilities of the company and the best way to put them to work for a client. In most cases, we were chosen because of the way we developed and enhanced engagements in the past.

When you are building iphones, iOS or Chrome, your Evangelist will talk to the engineering team building those products and help bring other good news to the public at large.

The basic mechanic for our Evangelists is the same as it would be for a product company. We sync with our engineering teams (studios/accounts) and help our clients get to know how to get the best value. At the same time, we have used this interaction with our clients in order to understand what the business is asking us to provide.

My Experience So Far as an Evangelist

One of the perks of being an Evangelist is that you get to talk with many different companies and clients in various industries and scenarios. The engineer inside of us really engages with the problems they have. We feel their pain, we have been there too, and that helps us cross-pollinate good practices and experiences from one account to the other.

Definitively the best part is that we are not only conveying our studios message to our clients, but we also let them convey information back to us. We are constantly educated by our clients on their issues and perspectives, and we can channel that information to our studios in order to better prepare and assist them.

I have been lucky enough to talk to more than one client who has shared they are evangelizing within their own organizations. I enjoy that the most, because they are sharing the same message and vision that we do.

Globant is a roller coaster so I might not be in this role 6 months from now. Maybe in year we will still be here, but have a different title (I’m good with anything but Power Ranger). What I know for sure is that I don’t see the role going away, because the position makes a ton of sense for any company.

Globant has a group of Evangelists and we are not the only ones who think you should have one too. Are you ready?

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