Globant Labs: Changing the World through Innovation

March 3, 2022

Innovation is essential for organizations: it’s a source of growth, and it allows us to adapt to change and remain relevant and competitive amid constant transformations.

Innovation represents the future for companies and the entire population, which depends on new developments to face constant social challenges and improve people’s lives. That’s why we must address innovation from a social and environmental standpoint, contributing to the sustainable advancement of humanity.

Within its Be Kind to Humanity framework, Globant actively promotes the development of home-grown projects that significantly impact the community. These projects are born, developed, and carried out at Globant Labs. In this space, Globers can explore ideas, transform them into prototypes and make them a reality, unleashing their creativity to change the world.

Globant Labs is key to bringing our innovative essence to life. This space for exploration and development, led by Ivan Wolcan, Innovation Labs Director, and Paula Parigi, Innovation Labs Coordinator, was born over a decade ago. It has more and more collaborators and projects each year. In 2021, over 330 Globers from Buenos Aires to Bangalore worked together on 35 projects, contributing 7300 hours of their time to social impact initiatives.

“Many Globers join Labs looking to participate in projects with social impact: it allows them to see their work materialized into life improvements. Globant Labs is a space to put our skills into practice, creating a bond with the community, becoming agents of change,” says Paula Parigi.

Innovation that changes the world

Globant Labs collaborates with digital solutions in health, community, sustainability, government, and education. We join different organizations and help them work on accessibility, inclusive design, fair use of artificial intelligence, and carbon footprint reduction.

These are some of our projects: 

Fighting illiteracy with DALE!

DALE! is a didactic game for children of all ages that helps them learn to read and write correctly. This game was born to promote literacy among impoverished Latin American children. By the end of 2021, more than 7,000 families in Argentina had downloaded the app. 

We worked with DALE! to transform their pencil-and-paper experience into a video game.


Autism spectrum disorder: joining voices for DANE

The project’s goal is to create an information portal for those interested in autism spectrum disorder.

To bring together different voices and experiences and achieve a more comprehensive portal, DANE summoned ApaDEA, Brincar, and Panacea.

The initiative aims to set up a network of parents, families, professionals, and people interested in learning about autism so that they can share experiences and seek help or support.

Globant Labs provided them with a digital solution that met their needs.

A platform for the inclusion of people with disabilities

Amankay, a Brazilian non-profit organization and Ashoka Fellow is on a mission to foster the inclusion of people with disabilities at a national level in the education and work verticals.

At Globant Labs, in line with our UnlimITed program, we are currently developing a platform to provide training material on inclusive education to teachers and users. The goal is to scale more inclusive practices in Brazilian schools so that children with disabilities can feel supported throughout their education path.

Virtual queues at Garrahan Hospital

Garrahan Hospital is the most important pediatric hospital in Argentina. To improve patients’ experience, we developed “Filas Virtuales,” a solution that allows them to scan a QR code, join a virtual waiting queue and check their place in it via WhatsApp.

Users don’t need to download an app: a bot is in charge of letting them know where they’re at in the queue and answering any questions they may have. “Filas Virtuales” will help manage the large number of people who come to the hospital every day and will also allow patients to be more comfortable during the wait.

Haciendo Camino

Haciendo Camino seeks to prevent child malnutrition and support families in Santiago del Estero and Chaco (Argentina). Globant Labs is developing a digital application that assesses the situation of families based on a family risk scale. Its purpose is to monitor the vulnerability situation of families in real-time and more efficiently and accurately, and thus be able to scale the organization’s impact and provide greater support.

Fighting climate change with Footprint


As part of our Be Kind to the planet program, Labs created Globers Footprint. It’s an app that allows Globers to measure their commute’s carbon footprint. This technology helps Globant reduce its environmental impact by compensating emissions and remaining carbon neutral.

Inclusive and diverse resource bank

The Resource Bank was born out of a need to make diverse and inclusive resources available in pre-sales presentations. We noticed that Globant’s visual images did not represent our Globers and clients’ diversity.


So, we started working on avatars, storyboards, and illustrations that represent our values. The goal is to create an open platform to offer resources to all Globers. Humanity faces the enormous challenge of using technology to empower people. We want to ensure that the power of new technologies is shared by all and positively impacts society. At Globant Labs, we propose ideas, face challenges and develop digital solutions to build a sustainable future for all.

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