This section suggests different ideas on the way we think is the best to integrate Hadoop to existing architectures.

How to integrate existing data with Hadoop?
  • be transparent in the data importation to DFS
  • user periodic batch import
  • asynchronic saving of data to DFS
  • take data from xml, cvs, data bases
  • Pentaho: desktop app ETL using Hive chroned using OS jobs. Full version includes importing from SAP repositories
  • Use Hadoop Java API to asynchronously updload files to the File System
  • Use Hadoop Distributed File System’s commands to import data asynchronously
Integration with DB
  • SQL-Sqoop-Hive
Log files processing
  • Mount HDFS Fuse


  • Build an open source tool
  • Flashless tools: It doesn’t include the exportation to pdf!
  • Incorporate graphics to Rocketui de Globant. Rochetui includes widgets on Yahoo-ui, Prototype and JQuery
  • Google Visualization: there is a tool which obtains a static image as a printscreen by calling a URL
  • Lab de Adobe project to export Flash to HTML5
  • Fusion charts
  • Info Build Toolkig
  • GWT: data models with canvas. GWT exporter can be used to be referenced with a JS application
Visualization Tools Comparison
How to generate Dashaboard once the output is ready?
  • Hive+using intermediate data base. Then you can extract your reports from a MySQL DB
  • Export results to CSV
  • Fusion Tables
Pentaho functionality

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