Today we announced the creation of a new Studio to propel Globant’s service offerings and remain at the forefront of technological innovation: the brand new Cognitive Computing Studio.

Our eagerness to address current technology trends is reflected in our Studios where our teams are responsible for providing groundbreaking solutions for our customers. It’s critical for Globant to stay ahead of the technology curve, which we achieve by constantly researching fields that have the potential to change markets. The depth of our Studios have made us experts in topics like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Data Science, so we decided to introduce a new Studio to exclusively focus on this expertise with the goal of providing enhanced innovative solutions.

The newly introduced Cognitive Computing Studio was formed based on the rise of cognitive computing systems as the ultimate solution to improve companies’ capacities. The Studio is focused on developing intelligent products and services leveraging both the power and complexity of Big Data and Globant’s expertise in fields like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning and Big Data. These solutions will enable companies to extend and magnify their expertise, and improve how they relate to their audiences with customer and context-aware smart applications.

The new Cognitive Computing Studio complements the rest of Globant offering, which includes these Studios: Big Data, UX Design, Mobile, Wearables & Internet of Things, Consumer Experience, Continuous Evolution, Digital Content, Gaming, Enterprise Consumerization, CloudOps and Quality Engineering.

Our customers are leaders in their categories and recognize the vast importance of better catering to end users, digitizing business and committing to ongoing innovation. Therefore, we expect they will embrace this new Studio to grow and succeed.

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