Globant’s fourth edition of the Sentinel Report, entitled Frictionless, unveiled its approach to measuring the level of friction that a product or service imposes upon a user. A frictionless experience is a series of events that help the user obtain effective results through minimal effort and positive interactions.

The report includes five elements for measuring friction: Cognition, Emotion, Context, Intelligence & Adaptation.

Cognitive approaches, emotional engagement, contextual environments, and intelligent processing offer an outcome that needs to be adapted or applied.

The level of flexibility that an experience presents, and the ability to adjust to new behavior based on the evolution of the market and users, has to be maximized in this digital arena.

In digital experiences an adaptive trait refers to both the current state when adjusting to multiple needs and to the processes that enable adaptability. Companies with silos and traditional business strategies should envision digital transformations that empower them to adapt to ongoing trends.

This is the trademark of an agile company that focuses on the consumer, being nimble in addressing risks and quick to seize opportunities. Globant, which thrives in agile methodology, has been helping companies around to change their internal functioning in order to respond quickly to changing market needs.

Adaptation not only enhances the relevance and survival of digital experiences by meeting market needs, but it also helps minimize friction by constantly evolving towards customer satisfaction. Globant’s slogan “We are ready” is based on the agile and adaptation capability we have that makes us deliver consistently to face market challenges.

Its application in human development is vast. One of them being, CogniToys, which are internet-connected smart toys that interactively engage and grow with children. Using artificial intelligence (via IBM’s supercomputer Watson), the cuddly toys listen, speak, and simultaneously evolve. Kids can press the toy’s belly to ask questions and receive age-appropriate responses, listen to stories or tell jokes, gradually creating the toy’s personality over time based on their interaction. Children also learn through play thanks to customize questions regarding spelling, vocabulary, and math.

Companies have been using adaptive methodology to create successful and entertaining marketing gimmicks. Recently, Unilever-owned deodorant brand Axe debuted Romeo Reboot in Brazil, a short online movie adapting to each viewer’s interests (factoring in music taste, previous purchases, and more). Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the video featured customizable content that varied according to each viewer’s profile. There were more than 100,000 variations, including changes to the music, the story, and even the background, which could swap from an office setting to a sci-fi scene. The movies were directed by a selection of critically-acclaimed Brazilian filmmakers.

Giving users the freedom to customize their own videos or utilizing a device that grows with them is an interactive vision come true. Frictionless experiences give the user the freedom and choice, but most importantly, a chance for growth. If the user grows, then companies must grow along with them.

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