A Glober at Harvard – Experiencing the 2015 Latam Conference Innovation Panel

From March 27th  to 30th this year, I had one of the most inspiring and unusual experiences of my life. I was the winner of “A Glober at Harvard” challenge, a competition organized by Globant amongst its employees. I got a chance to view one of the best universities in the world and to participate in the 2015 Latam Conference.

The event consisted of a day of lectures and panels organized by several leaders from the public and private sectors who share a deep commitment to promoting economic and social development in Latin America. The purpose of the conference was to inform and motivate the audience to participate in business opportunities in Latin America, and to share perspectives of its social and political context. The conference also provided a great networking environment for all participants.

To start the day, the invited keynote speaker was Laura Chinchilla, former president of Costa Rica. She  praised the productive and competitive capacity of Latin America, calling for a direct path to consistent growth through peaceful alliances based on sustainability and democracy.

Besides Laura, many speakers pointed out the social inequalities present in almost all Latin American countries. Some of the most crucial challenges these countries face include high tax burdens, corruption, and impunity in government. These problems often deter external investments and cause uncertainty for entrepreneurs and business owners.

On the Innovative Business Models panel, which included the participation of Globant’s CEO Martin Migoya, the central point of the discussion was about the complexity of the new and differentiated business model in Latin America. This model is very different from other markets, such as the Silicon Valley model. One of the messages conveyed by the participants is that we have many talents in Latin America and many opportunities created by the arrival of entrepreneurs who are investing in the region. Above all, the main message was that innovation must be part of the organizational culture.

During the days I was in Boston, I also had the opportunity to feel the innovative aura surrounding each of the renowned schools of the Cambridge neighborhood. More specifically, I took a negotiation class, where I could see how thoroughly the Business School’s students are prepared.

I hope my brief story will inspire other Globers to participate in more initiatives like this. These kind of opportunities make us part of the organization and bring us closer to Globant’s core values.

Are you ready? After this conference, I know am!

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