Have you ever bought something online not completely sure it will fit you just right? You know you can return it, so you take the risk, but what about glasses? Is there a way to know if a pair of glasses looks good on you before making the purchase?

We thought about it at Globant, so we created a web application to solve the problem. “4uEyes” is an application that allows you to try on your glasses or sunglasses by using your computer screen and a webcam. It even lets you take a picture and send it to a friend in case you need a second opinion.

Pretty cool huh? You’re probably wondering how it works. Well, “4uEyes” uses a javascript library called “CCV” based on face detection (the same software used in some digital cameras). “4uEyes” detects the face on screen and then allows you to add the glasses you are thinking of buying. You and your friends can even try things on at the same time.

4uEyes was born from a game developed in Globant labs for Tecnópolis called “Make me Crazy”. This app adds funny faces to gamers. ‘Make Me Crazy” is great for kids to learn about technology while having fun and being creative.

In turn, “Make Me Crazy” was inspired by an article called “Javascript Face Detection + Canvas + Video = HTML5 Glasses! https://wesbos.com/html5-video-face-detection-canvas-javascript. We based our app on the video and added an interactive element.

Nowadays, there are several applications in the market which allow face detection, but they all need additional software to run correctly and are usually heavy and saturate your computer. 4uEyes is an ultralight app that just uses javascript, html5 and css3, so you don’t have to worry about heavy software or saturating your computer. It’s technology at the forefront!

Now, with “4uEyes” you can fearlessly buy glasses online, knowing exactly how good you will look with the real ones. How cool is that!

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