In October, 80 people from the ISTIC institutions and the Marianist Foundation were Globers for one day.
“Globers for a Day” is an initiative framed within the Teacher’s Club Program by which children between 15 and 20 years are invited to visit the company and spend a day with the Globers to know in depth how is our day to day. “Globers for a Day” is an activity that has been replicated for 7 years in all Globant offices.
During last month’s visits, a group of volunteer Globers welcomed the teenagers and told them about their experiences in Gaming, JAVA programming and Testing, motivating them to train in these areas, giving them an “insight” into what it means to work in the development of Software. In addition, they gave them advise about projects the teenagers were developing and doubts they had about this area.
There was a very positive response from the kids, who also asked for online tools to continue learning about programming.
At the same time, they chatted about what Globant does, what the work dynamics are like, what profiles are part of us, and finally, a visit to the site was made.

ISTIC and Globant Foundation
The ISTIC is an educational institute that gathers students from the initial to the superior level, oriented to developing. A group of Globant volunteers helped to update the tertiary curriculum in Systems that it has, and to find what are the most efficient teaching methods for children.

Marianist Educational Network
The Marianist Educational Network is formed by 4 schools in Argentina that have primary and secondary level. A course with fourth-year students from one of those schools was the one that visited us in Laminar. The Globers shared tips on how to put together a CV and information about Universities where they could study programming careers.

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