AUTHOR: Sonali Palkar – Technical Director, Consumer Experience Studio@Globant


In order to stay competitive in the marketplace and maintain a skilled workforce, organizations often invest in various employee development programs for training, mentoring young talent, and rewarding achievers. With the help of AI, it is possible to build systems around these programs which would accelerate the process in a more automated way.

AI can help by learning from the various tools and practices that organizations have already developed or invested in to manage and recognize their talent. AI can help derive meaningful insights by collecting data points and behavior from these systems. In the example of Globant,  there are various tools available  including StarmeUp, MyFeedBack,  and Acamica to recognize talent, reward employees, give feedback, and provide a forum for continuous learning. AI can help to leverage these tools more effectively and will provide meaningful insights to identify areas for improvement.

With the help of AI in StarmeUp and MyFeedBack, these tools can analyze recognitions and identify any lacking competencies in individual employees. They can also recommend actions to be taken to improve the areas that are lacking competency.

AI can improve the learning experience for employees, and help improve  the systems that are designed for training and education. It will be possible to monitor the progress on enrolled courses in Acamica, and alert mentors when appropriate. For example, mentors can be notified when an employee is not performing a course,  or when employees are struggling with the quiz. It can also recognize and reward employees. It would be possible to make recommendations on relevant courses for employees to take in order to continue their career path. Finally, it can automate the assessment of the tests upon completion of the course and can reward the best performers.

In summary, because AI can alter how we find, navigate, and interact with certain information, it can help both employees as well as organizations review their processes and take the necessary steps to make those processes more efficient, impactful, and helpful. Enhancing skills and qualities of the employees and the organization will help improve the talent quotient.

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