Deploy Custom Software Faster Without Compromising Quality

Rapidly changing market dynamics and shrinking product lifecycles make it critical for businesses to reduce time to market with new software products.

Custom software development is often costly, and finding ways to reduce costs without compromising quality is essential. While off-the-shelf software solutions may be less expensive and help you get to market faster, they often have functionality gaps when deployed. The real goal of your software project is to develop a strategic advantage for your business to stand apart from the pack.

Solution accelerators give you both speed and customization without compromising quality. Since the product has been tested in live environments, solution accelerators are often better and more reliable than components built from scratch.

What Are Solution Accelerators?

Solution accelerators are ready-to-use business application components that help you develop custom software solutions quicker. The components act as a building block for your software and address common business challenges.

Examples of common solution accelerators in software development include:

  • User interface controls
  • Web service frameworks
  • User interface layout components
  • User management and user authentication frameworks

Benefits Of Solution Accelerators In Software Development

Many software applications have common requirements and implementation patterns. Instead of reinventing the wheel every time you need to build a new software solution, solution accelerators allow you to achieve the same outcome faster and for less money.

Here are three benefits of using solution accelerators when developing custom software:

  1. Accelerate Time To Deployment
    Many business problems require custom-made solutions, but developing the software from scratch may take too long. When you’re struggling to get to market, finding ways to speed up the software development process is critical.

    Solution accelerators help you accomplish that by providing pre-built and pre-tested software application components that seamlessly integrate with your software.

  2. Address Common Business Challenges
    When developing custom software, many businesses face the same challenges, such as the need to authenticate users securely, provide a responsive interface across many devices and establish a robust test automation framework to ensure quality assurance beyond manual testing.

    Solution accelerators provide a solution that’s tested, ready to go and costs less than from-scratch custom software development.

  3. Reduce Development Risks
    Custom software development comes with a high level of risk because you’re building every feature from scratch. This is time-consuming and costly, and a positive outcome isn’t guaranteed.

    Using a solution accelerator allows you to build using trusted components, which helps to ensure reliability, scalability and responsiveness of applications.

In today’s competitive software industry, developing innovative software solutions that differentiate your business from your competitors and getting that software to market before your competitors is more important than ever.

By addressing common business challenges, offering fully tested solutions and reducing risk, solution accelerators help you get to market faster without compromising the quality of your products.

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